the jump...

the jump...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bungee Jumping at Bloukrans/Stormsriver, South Africa

I have to do a bungee jumping BUNGEE JUMPING UPDATE! Definitely went bungee jumping on June 6th and love every minute of it. The most nerve wrecking part was standing on the edge...then it felt like i was gliding through the air, flyin' like a bird. Awesome experience. We traveled along the garden route...I went with Siel, Daniel, Casper, Vitek, and Gabby - all crazy Europeans haha...except Gabby (Canadian) - go Norte Americanos! was beautiful along the garden route with all the mountains and coast to drive along. We stayed in a backpackers not too far from the jump, and had a very nice stay there. We met a bunch of Brits who did the jump earlier that day as well. We stopped in Plettensburg Bay and took in the view on a little hiking excursion, stopped in Mossel Bay for some quality time on the beach, chased some seagulls, and then made it back to Cape Town in the evening. Our driver had a little trouble finding where I lived, but we found it eventually - teamwork haha. It was an amazing experience I had with everyone, one that I won't forget!


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Location: bottom of the African continent